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CMBB 9000 Point Battle

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I asked this question at the General Discussion group without much success.

Is there a techie or beta-tester that can summarize generally what the CPU, RAM and VRAM required to handle the CMBB QB 9000 point game?

I understand this will be the largest balanced battle possible in the CMBB QB point category without the use of bonus points.

This should allow for some great city siege battles, very exciting and fun.


Maple Tree

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The larger the battle the more memory that would be required (or desired). You should be able to get by with 256Mb of RAM for a 9000 point QB. CPUs and video cards make larger battles more playable. If you have a lot of units firing it can take quite awhile for a turn to be computed. Along the same lines a large map with a lot of units will be better off with a 64Mb video card. 32Mb is the current recommendation for CMBB (below that there will be downsampling of the textures which will affect their appearance and the display options).

I don't know what kind of CPU speed to recommend. Faster is always better (if it is stable), but you'll pay a premium for the fastest available CPUs. CPU speed won't limit the size of the battle (to my knowledge), but it may affect your enjoyment of playing very large scenarios/QBs.

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Guest Panzer Boxb

Yes, that system would be able to play the battle but I'd imagine that 1) moving around with such a large number of units would be choppy unless smoke was off and tress removed and 2) the turn resolution would take quite a while.

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Just a note to all of you responding with your personal experiences on this issue:

I hate you all. Every lovin' one of you.

I do take some solace in the fact I am beating Soddball like an old Indian drum at CMBO, however.

You may now return to your pathetic playtesting lives.


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Originally posted by Soddball:

Your feeble taunts will not work against me, MrSpkr. Know ye all that MrSpkr is losing ALL of his units in rapid succession, unable to halt the glorious power of the axis hordes.

Your powers are weak, old man. You should never have come back to CMBO.
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