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Nvidia's monitor selection "Catch 22" has me in a bind


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I have a GeF3 video card that has been running the latest certified 30.82 drivers with no problems on a Sony G400 CRT under WinXP. I bought a new Dell 1800FP LCD monitor. I installed the Dell .inf files okay, and the Nvidia driver controls panel recognized it in the "Monitor" tab as a digital monitor with correct refresh rates and resolution. However, I was perplexed when the Dell LCD monitor went dark after the WinXP spashscreen in the boot sequence. Windows won't load until the Nvidia controls panel lets me select a digital monitor instead of an analog monitor.

Being a logical sort of person, I went to the "Device Selection" tab in the Nividia control panel to select "Digital" so my new monitor would be recognized. Of course, this approach is too sensible for Nvidia. The "Analog" button is selected by default, and the option to choose "Digital" is grayed out so it cannot be selected. I clicked around the Nvidia control panel, but found nothing that will let me select my new LCD monitor (which I know is connected properly because it works with the WinXP default drivers).

So I go to the Nividia driver download section on the Nvidia website where I found a user manual link for its control panel. Unfortunately, I cannot download this 136 page tome because it times out. However, I read it online at glacial pace where I discover that "Analog" is the pre-set default and only choice available for monitors unless I go to something called the "GeForce GPU" tab and do some non-intuitive things that will permit me to select "Digital" in the "Device Selection" tab (where it should have been available in the first place).

But Lo and Behold, there is no "GeForce GPU" tab in the Nvidia control panel for my 30.92 drivers, and there is nothing else I can find that will allow me to make the non-intuitive changes that will permit my $400 card to do what it should do naturally. Therefore, I cannot load Windows or use my new LCD monitor until I figure out a way to get around this "Catch 22" that does not let WinXP load unless I make a selection that Nvidia will not allow me to make.

Can anybody help? Is there a registry hack or a utility that will let me select my Dell LCD monitor to use with the GeF3 card?

Thanks for any help.

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