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Lipstick Traces (graphic anomaly)

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bug/graphic anomaly:

certain graphic elements leave telltale remainders when they come in contact with the topmost portion of the black boxes framing the in-game interface, particularly when scrolling across the terrain.

the two sources of this fault I have noticed thus far are the descriptive text, which appears when placing a unit on varied terrain (i.e. “scattered trees, rocky, palm trees”) and the multiple select tool (left click, expanding blue box).

to quickly view an example of what i am describing, simply enter the game and open/drag the multiple select box across the top of one or both of the bottom black boxes and a blue line will “stick” to the top of the black field(s) even after the multiple select tool is disabled.

a minor point by some standards, but it seems a shame to let this issue slide when such a high degree of polish has been applied to other facets of the game.

** asus geforce4 ti4200

** nvidia display drivers 45.23

** windows 2000 pro

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