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ATI Radeon problem?

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I have just bought CMBB and am very impressed but I have a slight problem with the graphics- I think due to my system. While playing the game the left-hand info box flickers (the box with morale and victory readouts) at a high rate,and the outside edge of the screen (1-2mm wide) also flickers. When I have selected a vehicle unit the vehicle icon flickers at a similiar rate. These are the only parts of the screen that ever flicker. I only have a 32mb card

and wondered if this was a problem but seem to have no stuttering or game problems other than these,even with large map/and lots of units.I know very little about it but have taken most of the steps suggested in this forum, including varying the resolution and using the Rage 3D tweak to check and change the settings as suggested, to no effect.One thing I havent done is changed the driver but was hoping that I might get some suggestions here. My system is 2.4 P4/512RAM/ATI Radeon Mobility M6-Driver version is 03/2002).If anyone has any advice on steps to take or a workable older driver for this game and card I'd much appreciate it. Ta very much!

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What laptop model do you have (assuming that it is a name-brand) ? Have you updated the BIOS on it lately ? Updating the BIOS may update the Video BIOS too, which could be a possible cure for your problem. Does this edge flicker occur on the LCD screen or on an external CRT display ?

There are some newer drivers for the Mobility M6. Version is available (scroll down to the ATI Mobility section and then look for Mobility Radeon M6). I don't know if this driver is a French-only language or what, but it apparently comes from Compaq. I don't know what kind of problems you may run into with this particular driver compared to what you're running currently.

You can also try out Powerstrip, though I'm not sure what features it would offer that the Rage3D Tweaker wouldn't have (other than possibly overclocking). Not all features may be available with the shareware version.

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