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Illegal Operation & Freezes


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BTS or someone please help.

I have been playing the final game since I rec'd it (month ago?). Suddenly I'm having real problems and now can't play at all.

For a while when I started up CM I got error msgs. (I thought at first that this happened when I came down from the net, but now even when I start up cold I get them).

The error msgs were: "CM has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down." The illegal op is : "invalid page fault in module Combat Mission.EXE...." Concurrent with this I get the message: "unhandled exceptions at address beb2bf3f abd 005419e5."

Now I can get the CD to start (sometimes) but the computer freezes up (black screen) right after the intro movie of if I click during the movie.

In all cases I must Shut down and restart my computer. This is unique to CM; all other games and programs behave normally.

The only change to regular play lately has been that I used and save games from 'quick battle.' Also I have tried reinstalling the exe. file from the CD but still get same problems.

I have an IBM w/ AMD k6 3D, 475 Megs, Cis 530 video, ESS Solo-1 sound card.



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I'm just guessing that you're using Win2k but here are a few steps that work for me:

1) Delete the *.prf file and start up CM and OK the video that it chooses.

2)Exit CM after you've done this - this saves the "clean" *prf file.

3)Go back and start with the default settings, adjusting things like more tree density as you go along.

4)Save turns every so often.

Don't know why, but slowing my overclocking by 50MHz eliminated the BSODs, and I'll still get the rare freeze up, but this procedure will set everything back on track.


Ralph D.

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Boy is my face red redface.gif

Ralph, thanks for the help; my prfs are ok.

No; the real problem was that I had apparently discarded the new v1.01 .exe file and re-installed the original v1.0 w/o knowing it.

I finally reinstalled v1.01 and all probs seem to have disappeared. Sorry to have bothered everyone. Back to the game... smile.gif

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