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I haven't checked back to this forum since way before the release of the big patch. Prior to that, I got the impression that most players felt the AI was very weak, and therefore the game couldn't hold one's interest very long.

Has that changed with the introduction of the big patch?

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I'm cautious about getting new games. Been burned too many times.

Not trolling. Just wistful for a game that could compare to the fun of the old board games I used to play in the 70s, like War in the East (SSI). So many PC games fall way short. The graphics of SC2 put me off in the demo version, but I can live with that if the AI is good.

so I will definitely buy it now with all the good reports above.


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... so I will definitely buy it now with all the good reports above.

WELL worth the price, gwg,

And best part?


Can make it PRECISELY how you'd like it.

The Editor is unprecedented,

And from what I can gather,

Glancing around at other similar kinds

Of games to come

[... ahem, one of which seems to be

"borrowing" an AWFUL LOT

of Hubert's schemes & ideas, well,

sometimes, I guess, you gotta do that when you

ain't got much... Mojo Moxie of yer own, eh? ;) ]

THIS Editor will - REMAIN that way.

By an immense length.

And EVEN IF you are notso apt

At that... as of... yet,

You soon enough WILL be.

It is VERY easy to learn,

Either the Event or AI schematics, yea,

There are detailed instructions

For each and EVERY file,

And "help" provided,

Not only in-game, but

Also by VERY accomplished SC Cats,

Here, and over to the work-shop

AKA... Mod Forum. :cool:

More like Third Reich, without having to argue over the rules.

Er, except for what we do here.




At mainly gracious decibel & percussion,

Keeps any "work in progress" vital & fresh,

O Yes, as is necessary.

And thank the Lucky Stars!


For that!

Whether it be,

Improving the Game,


Perhaps, if pro-actively

Bent, and/or intractably intent,

Him and her and them and you,

And, possibly... even me, IE,

Old collar-less dogs CAN learn new!

Licks & tricks. smile.gif

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