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Will the event/movement scripts allow for a user defined percentage chance of the script executing?

Example: IF (X) Then % (Y).

Example: IF (Allies DOW Norway) Then 10% (Sweden Joins Axis)

Example: IF (UK Surrenders Before 01/01/1942) Then 50% (US Gains 2 Carriers AND US gains 2 Cruisers AND Popup Message - Roosevelt orders Pacific Fleet to the Atlantic)

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If the AI's ability to launch Amphibious Invasions does not improve in SC2 will I be able to write a script that says:

IF (Denmark Surrenders AND France Surrenders AND Norway is Neutral) THEN 70%(Norway Surrenders to Axis AND Axis Army Appears in Oslo AND Axis Corps Appears in Bergan)

This would recreate the historical Germany Conquest of Norway and increase German income, thus making for a stronger game versus the AI.

Also, if the Allies do not have any units in England and the AI does not know how to do a Sea Lion can I write a script that says:

IF (Allied Forces in UK less 3 Units AND Russia is Neutral and France is Surrendered) Then 25% (3 German Armies Appear in Tile XX, XX, XX, XX and 1 German Army Appears in London)

Now I know that its not exactly cricket, but such a chance will encourage a player to keep at least a minimal garrison in the United Kingdom when playing against the AI.

Thirdly, can I write a script that does the following:

When the US enters the war the US player can select one of three strategies;

1. Europe First - No Effect

2. Japan First - US Production Reduced Until Dec 1943 AND Siberian Transfer activated in 10 turns.

3. Peace with Japan - USA production increases AND Siberian Transfer Deactivated.

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