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Cat 3.5's For ATI - Still Broken

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SunKing, I too want ATI to support the Fog Table Emulation to bring us Fog in our favorite game.

I just followed up on your post over at the ATI Tec. site, and there was an interesting follow

up post.As you know, ATI is about to start a monthly update of the CAT drivers for the Radeons.

If all our Combat Mission brothers would follow up with the information given, ATI may support the FTE through one of the upcoming updates of the CAT 3.5+.

Men, we do not get, if we do not ask (think in terms of your love life). Follow up on SunKing's lead and get the ATI feedback to the CAT Crew at ATI. It just might work!



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Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding was that the lack of Fog Table Emulation for ATI cards was a hardware (GPU) issue, not a specific driver release. That would be great if a driver fix would hook up the ATI folks... it's the only reason I'm not an ATI owner!

Hpt. Lisse

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