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Win2k Pro Incoming connections-How to configure user password?

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Okay, I know this is not strictly a CM question but it's related in a way. I have a friend who's also got cmbb, doesn't have net access, but does have a dialup modem. I use win2k pro, and i've been trying to configure the 'incoming connections' setting so he can log on to my comp and I can assign him a tcp/ip.

However the problem is, when I create his user name for a login, I can't manage to change the login password for him. The default incoming login password looks pretty long, whatever it is. I try to erase it and type in a new one, but when I go back in, its the default 14 character password again. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks, greatly appreciated!!

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Win2000 just displays 14 stars weather there is no password or a 64 character passphrase.

Never tried setting up incoming connections, so I really dont know what else is involved. Dialup net access is ludicriously cheap ($12 a month for pretty decent, high quality plans) these days. He might want to consider making the investment.


[edited cos I hit post way too early.]

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