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I was playing the North Africa mod that comes with the game. Sandstorms happen - but I cannot find out from the manual the effects of sandstorms. It doesnt seem to be listed or at least I couldnt find it. Anyone out there know?

I am finding the mod's much more fun then the "cookie-cutter" standard game. At least just for me.

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Curry & SM,

"Sand-storms" have the SAME effect

As does "snow."

I don't believe it was discussed

Whether or not to have scenario-specific

Notations in the Manual.

I'll ask about it,

WRT to all these smaller scaled sets,

See what Hubert has to say. smile.gif

As I've mentioned in the "designer notes"

IF you have ANY

Suggestions or comments

WRT this scenario,

By all means post 'em up

Or send EM to me.

You get to that point, or

Anybody does,

I'll provide EM address... O/W

You could get it from SeaMonkey.

Speaking of which,

I owe you a turn don't I?

Pardon, I been on this "forced fast"

For an upcoming Test @ VA,


I've been "out of it" awhile now,

Hallucinating? Even? ;)

[... ack! don't everbody agree at once! smile.gif ]

**Here is the rule from the Manual

Which, in effect, applies to BOTH

Snow and Sandstorms, though,

As you likely already know,

Neither Amphib nor Op moves

Are allowed in this scenario:


Operational movement is allowed, but re-basing of air units is restricted

Attack values halved for any unit type

No AP penalty for crossing snowed enemy river tiles

No amphibious loadings from a snowed port tile

No amphibious unloading to a snowed coastal tile


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Dave, played a game of it today against the ai, really enjoy the mod. Good job.

Question - what is rain? is it mud?

Thanks for the encouragement Curry.

"Rainsqualls" in this scenario are the same as "rain & mud" in the default game, though, it is often referred to as merely mud. Can't have one without the other, eh? smile.gif

The AI will improve as we go along, and I have some more time to enact better AI scripting.

I have played Allies on Intermediate +1 against Axis AI and had one heck of a time holding back Rommel's desert toughened forces... in fact, he managed to destroy all my fortifications in and around El Alemein before reinforcements, and Montgomery HQ arrived... barely in time to push 'em back to Bardia.

As I said, any comments, suggestions or ideas that would make this scenario better, don't hesitate to let me know. :cool:

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