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WaW Tourney..............LARS vs. Canuk

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We still at it, into late '43 early '44.

I'm pushing for Archangel in a heck of a fight.

Lars owns the south half of Norway and Sweden. Now has Denmark as well.

Axis planning a counter thrust N.

Poor IKE will not be president as the Italian sub finds him and deep sixes him.

Game still in the balance.

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Axis on the doorstep of Archangel in Russia, should fall next turn. Then its south to the oil fields.

Allied forces still hold the lower half of Norway, Sweden and all of Denmark. Have the allied troops bottled up in Denmark.

NA still quiet all this time.

Italian and German subs roaming the Atlantic looking for Transports.

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Sept '44 Archangel has fallen to the Axis warmachine. Oost front troops being refitted for further action.

Hamburg holding steady and keeping the Allies bottled up in Denmark.

New offensve planned in Sweden, fresh troops enroute.

Been one of the funner games so far.

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Late '44.

HEER about to launch opertion "LAND GRAB" in the East.

Partisans becoming a real pain in the........

Scandinavia still in stall mate. German army holds N Norway and Sweden.

Allied troops bottled up in Denmark.

Italian sub reduced to str. 1 in the North Atlantic.

Think the allied navy in a rebuilding stage.

North Africa still status quo.

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Late spring early summer '45.

- Final show down in Russia around Staligrad about to happen. Russia has no more supply from the Capitalist pigs in the west.

Primary battle see's the Axis lose a tank group, 2 Armies and a battled corps. Axis then unleach there air and ground units and take 2 russian armour groups and a few corps down while baddly mauling another tank group.

Axis now have 2nd force ib from the NE of stalingrad.

Things are tight for the russians.

- North Africa still a no conflict zone, Italian still hold tobruk.

- Denmark front the alies and axis trade armour units. Allies have 2 arty regiments and are in danger as no friendlies in front of them any more. Air battle still raging over Denmark with the axis coming off alittle better I think.

- Sweden front the Axis made a hit and run raid and reduced U.S. army to 2, more armies and tank group stopped N of the capital. Axis are happy to keep the allied bottled up in the North.

Allied not having the weather gods on there side.

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