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Irc Channel for SC 2 ?

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Is there an IRC channel for SC 2?

If not let's make a permanent one smile.gif .

Then players who want to discuss the game or want to play could just go to the IRC channel and starting games would be easy and you don't have to add a ton of users to your IM Programs like ICQ smile.gif .

So if there is already a permanent SC IRC channel can you tell me the server please? smile.gif

If not what would you think about making one?

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Unfortunately i don't know how to set up a bot though smile.gif . But hopefully someone of the fellow SC 2 players can do that :D .

Temporarily i suggest that we just use the Dominions Channel at Gamesurge.


irc.gamesurge.net port 6667 channel #dominions

It is basically the channel for Dominions 2 but with Dom 3 near it has recently mutated into the meeting channel for the former Dominion 2 players to play other games like Wesnoth ;) .

I can be found there very often till we get an "official" SC 2 channel smile.gif

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