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New update in SC2 World in Flames

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in following (old) link :


i have uploadet the new map 1939-Wolrd in FlamesV1.1

with some important changes ( Still NO AI!)

Italy Sicilly Problem Solved

Allied Djibuti Landings cause Mobilization of Italy

Thanks to info From TEE i have recompiled the Armed forces of ALL countries. Mayor Change!

Some Port-Solutions in Phillipines as well as NL-India.

Some new Mines and Oil Fields

Details in some new Skrips : ( f. ex. Germany recives Spanish "Blue Legion" by '41)

Other details as mentionned in the forum changed.

Have Fun! :D

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Brilliant campaign! Most fun I've had with SC2 yet.

One thing: it looks like your major axis victory conditions was missing the coordinates for Hawaii. I had conquered Hawaii before GB fell, so I'm not sure if you had Hawaii as a condition originally and just forgot to take out the name or if that was supposed to be in there.

Awesome job though. Can't believe how fast that campaign runs compared to big maps (European War) in v1.05.

Also noticed that US had 9999 MPP when I finished in 1945. After victory, I looked around the map and while they had a strong Navy, their land forces were tiny and there was no landing attempt at all -- I was expecting an attack in Sicily but none came.

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This wonderful mod needs more attention

This thread title is perhaps a little too vague.

Just starting my first PBEM game and looking good.

Obviously it can still continue to be improved in many ways - but it is already nearly worthy of a subtitle along the lines of World in Flames - SC3!

The author has kept all the good stuff from the previous games, building on it's strengths, and added lots of new content. Professional game designers should take note - think what Hubert could do with this.

Everyone who likes SC (1+2) should take a look.

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Man you talk about an accomplishment, this would be it.

Not sure it would satisfy those hardcore WiFers, but it will definitely turn heads.

Eventually we would need HC to allow multiple players per side for team efforts. Some refinements for naval and amphibious operations would be included in the mix also.

This very well could be the future of SC and in tournament mode would cement its legacy for years to come.

But Hubert needs a vacation first. smile.gif

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Thanks a lot guys! :D

must admit that it was A LOT OF WORK, but finally im happy to have done it.

anyhow still thinking of doing some details better, for example i'm afraid that the poor british army only holds one lonley full equipped Aircraft, so

in some deatils i was thinking of giving them maybe one more AF with force 3.

If anybody has a proposition in detail works just say!

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