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Solo player scoring

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I enjoy beating on the computer in solitaire mode. When you win, it is very anti-climactic.

When you beat solo mode, can you give a game "score"? And a log of other scores (like Civ4)? Difficulty, xp and timing would all affect your final score.

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Agreed, this would be a big improvement. SC1 had a score at game end.

I would like to see at game end;

a. Chart of your MPP income per turn

b. Chart of Combat units over time

c. Chart of when major cities fell or were liberate.

d. Point Score

e. Point Score for 10 highest scoring games and the current one.

f. A PC generated comment - i.e. rating - as to how well you did - Recruit, Corporal, Sargent, Master Sergent, Lt, Captain, Major, Colonel, General,......

Captain [Player Name], good job. You defeated the Axis powers in 5 years; however, if you want a promotion you must do it in 4 years next time.

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