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Back to the roots and up with a Intel Mac (Pro)

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Hello all,

I have ‘Beyond Overlord‘ and 'Barbarossa to Berlin’ and still playing them on my old G4 Mac. I keep this old machine only for playing these very good games. Now with my previous G5 (Os X) it was impossible to play them and I never use the virtual emulation of Windows.... Now with my new Mac Pro I want to play them again and also looking forward to the new upcoming games like ‘Shock Force‘ and ‘Theatre of War’ I want to play them all.

Now my question:

Are here some people (Mac’ers) who have experience with the Intel Mac and emulate the PC games via emulation with Bootcamp, Parallels or others?

Are there already some tests done with TOW or SF to emulate via Bootcamp or Parallels and a Intel Mac?

All info is welcom!

Thanks in advance.



Ps, sorry for the bad English language....

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Unfortunately I don't have a Mac (or a Intel-based Mac for that matter). However other people on this forum have experimented with the Intel-based Macs utilizing BootCamp and have come out with good results. This thread from the CM Shock Force forum mentions some people who have had success with BootCamp. Several people have mentioned that Parallels does not work with CM.

Of course the caveats here are that with BootCamp you'll need to get a copy of Windows XP and the Windows versions of the CM games you want to play (though the Battlefront version of CMBO had both the Mac and Windows version of the game on the same disc).

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Also Parallels does not, at this time, support 3D graphics acceleration, meaning no games.

Bootcamp, all PC games I've used run just fine. Bootcamp is not emulation, its running Windows natively just like on standard PC hardware. I've run many games in Bootcamp, namely, Rome Total War, CMx1 games, Sims 2, some Tom Clancy stuff and more.

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just got cmbb and cmak running via bootcamp. both fine, and its runs very well indeed on the big macbook pro screen.

one word of advice - chose the partition version that lets the mac grab files from the xp side, and vice versa, or you will have to use a usb key to transfer pbem files. also, make the xp partition 8 meg, as cmbb plus cmak plus the xp mandatory stuff rolls over the standard 5meg limit...i had to delete a bunch of stuff to squeeze cmak in!!!


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