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As new years collection here some screenshots from my last year games smile.gif :

Conquering Russia with 4 german corps:


French fortification line, awaiting D-day...


Russia and Germany preparing for the last huge battle of this war...


... more than 20 units destroyed within 1 month, Russian losses twice as high as Germanys – End of the war smile.gif :


Losses when Allies surrendered:


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Different game:

Battle for Westafrica:


Russian forces approaching Middle East after Turkey joined surprisingly Allies when Axis DoWed Iraq...


....Axis changing plans and approaching from west and north to reconquer the lost Middle East...Turkey fighting on without capital for 2 turns and only 2 units left...


Russian offensive at Rostov-Stalingrad failed against german Claw formation – attackers encircled in the bag between both cities and cut off by fast motorized axis forces from north + southwest...finally destroyed without supply...Axis forces formerly retreated to Egypt reach Middle East again...encirclement of the last russian forces in MiddleEast-Turkey-Caucasus area completed...unconditional surrender followed 2 turns later:


Various other games:

German Claw formation at Rostov-Stalingrad:


Allies thrown back into the ocean...


Battle for Scandinavia:


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Change of sides

Allies stop Axis in Spain and it never gets conquered:


Axis siege fortress Tripoli with all ground and air forces they can muster...after the loss of a dozen units they finally surrender:


Heavy battles for Africa and Spain with the entire Axis forces bound there – in this turn Italy looses all remaining ships and Axis surrenders with Russia slowly awakening...


Battle for Finland...


...Germany can keep it...Russia starts an offensive towards Romania instead...


...and takes it together with the other balkan countries before the german main forces can return from Finland, resulting in the unconditional Axis surrender:


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Western Allies meet with Russian forces in Egypt – sealing the end of Axis


Western Allies invading France and Denmark...


Huge tank battle on the way....


Allied aircampaign with landings in Königsberg while...


Russia fights the main encirclement battle in the east


Germany can´t bear such losses any more each turn and surrenders:


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Sealion, but England never gets conquered - Russia faster in Berlin than Germany in Manchester...


...simultaneously with Sealion the russian bear awakes in the east and finally forces an Axis surrender:


Successful Sealion with large naval battle while transports with reinforcements sneak in the north around the blockade

– but Axis steamrolled by Russia short after UK got lost:


Trench warfare in Iraq...


US and UK forces launch Operation Husky – the landing in Sicily while the italian fleet fights its last glorious battle:


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Nice screenshots, indeed ! Some nice tactics in action, very learnful.

Here are some things I do diffeent;, so feel free to shed light on my ignorance :)

1. You don't seem to research Mobility level 2 with the Axis ?

I use it mailny to cut off east Turkey in the first turn that I DOW it and make it impossible for the Russian to operate troops to it's defence.

2. Aren't you afraid that a Britisch paratrooper will land in one of your undefended cities ? You seem to keep them undefended and with the right technology, they can land as far east as Munich and Berlin, no ?

3. Often there are more troops then your HQs can support ?

4. Do you sometimes buy a german engineer ? And extra german airfleet ?

I only buy those with Italy.

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Interesting, I recall my failed Swedish TakeDown there by the UK and mixed US Forces. I had a numerical and technology superiority in many fields. I just was ill prepared and launched prematurely due to being upset about Russian failure in Finland. It threw me off. That is an interesting erray of Axis and Allied Forces. Luftwaffe was awesome killing machine in that game.


Had my infamous failed Libyan reconquest. Went in half baked with and was utterly destroyed by coast protected by Royal Navy and Land protected by well entrenched British Forces.

Also similary one of those games resembled my failed Barbarossa, and being kicked back, though I'm sure several players had the same event occur. Germany was very massive though the Russians were double...by 1943 and smooshed the Axis, I notice a lot of players here find themselves and confused and unaware on how to deal with Terifian Tactics ;) Myself being one of them. He's always on "point"

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Yep, that was our last game from yesterday smile.gif - as you can see in the other screenshot, my usual defence line between Brest and Paris was a bit incomplete and some fortifications not built yet due to your early attack :D .


1) No, I never research mobility 2 for Axis (or any other country), it is simply too expensive both to introduce as well as to replace lost units and brings no real advantage. Mobility 1 is useful for armies so they can move 2 hexes instead of 1 in mud or when they are at lower supply - that is a real improvement, but mobility 2 means still only 2 hexes under such condition and in clear weather the main problem is the speed of the HQs, not the front troops smile.gif .

2)Yes, allied Paratroopers are always a danger and that is why I always occupy Berlin with a unit as well as the capitals of my other joined minors that could surrender if a Para/amphib snatches their capital (like Romania, Finland, Iraq + Spain if joined).

But normal cities only need protection if they are in key positions...if a Para drops into cities like Munich or Frankfurt they do no real harm and will only be killed a few turns later cut off from any help - dropping too far behind enemy lines is only suicide for paratroopers ;) .

3) This is often a problem for Allies as they have to fight in many theaters and can´t send enough HQs to every one of them, and early in the game they also don´t have the mpps to buy additional ones, combat troops have priority to build. But for this you have the possibility to set the mode of your HQs to auto-assist or manual, so you can choose the units it will support (e.g. in Africa it only needs to support the frontline troops and airfleets, the ones behind don´t need HQ support at the moment and are only for reserve to replace lost units.

Germany on the other side usually doesn´t have that problem, at least my Germany always buys enough HQs to support all units in Russia - here the additional HQs are only outside the screenshots. Nevertheless when unit numbers increase there will sooner or later be the point where you have not enough HQs (build limit) to support them all...and here again comes "auto-assist" and "manual" into play: just change the support mode of the HQs, so they support the units currently in battle and not the ones in reserve behind the frontline.

4) The first thing my Italy buys is an engineer, same for Germany - and they build extensive fortification lines not only in France (see screenshot) but also between Brussel and Königsberg to protect Germany against invasion from Denmark/Scandinavia if they have the time.

If Germany buys additional air or better tanks/armies first depends on the strategy:

With a strategy to keep allied readiness and therefore strength low, Axis don´t need additional air...here I build only ground forces to smash through any defence line while they are weak.

But if Axis go e.g. the aggressive way by conquering all minors before Barbarossa, then for once they will have a lot more mpps than in the other variant and on the other side Allies will also be very strong when Barbarossa starts. Here Axis need additional air to use combined arms...preparing the ground assaults with bombings and reducing enemy morale and entrenchment first before ground troops do the rest and kill the demoralized defenders in their trenches...without air Axis will only get a 1:1 bloodbath on both sides and since Allies have superior mpps and numbers, such an exchange would most likely end in favour of Allies - that´s why they need air against any strong opposition.


There were a few tanks in the previous turns around Kharkov, but they didn´t survive the skirmishes before the main battle...you can still see the damaged german units around Kharkov that just killed the russians which destroyed their tank comrades... :D


Yep, Scandinavia and Lybia screenshots are from our battles there smile.gif .

Barbarossa is from a different game - when making the screenshots I noticed that I have only very few games where my axis opponent broke through my Kharkov defences and reached the areas further east in Russia...actually the screenshot with the counteroffensive from Rostov-Stalingrad was pretty much the only one I could find smile.gif .

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Yep, Kharkov is often the city my Axis opponents desire the most and the furthest point they reach in the east...and they are willing to sacrifice everything to get it...which can be taken literally ;) ...sometimes they may win the battle, but the war is then lost for them :D

P.S.: in the screenshot-game Axis got much further, conquered Vologda (city east of Kharkov) and reached Stalingrad + Moskov (see grey tiles, Rostov got destroyed and only one turn before the screenshot reconquered - therefore str 1 :D )...but got then beaten back by the strong counterattack that ended in the huge encirclement battle where the reds broke through the last enemy ground troops to reach the airfleets behind them...in the previous turns dozens of units got killed on both sides before the russians reached Kharkov again (screenshot) smile.gif .

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Terif, thanks for the screenies. I've a couple of questions about your France defences. Why do you build in line with Paris rather than the line NW of Paris? Something to do with airfleet ranges from the UK?

Also, I know you don't advocate building on the coast (free naval training), but is it worth the extra build times/garrison costs to build the kink near Bordeaux?

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If you build the fortifications only 2 tiles away from the coast, then any enemy landing unit can move into these fortifications and destroy them (i.e. they would be more or less useless or you have to place a unit in them all the time).

With 2 tiles distance Axis don´t need to man the lines, but can wait to operate units in till a real invasion takes place smile.gif

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Here some more screenshots from 2 games in 2007 smile.gif :

First 5 Screenshots - Western Allies invade in France while Russia prepares and finally launches a massive attack on the axis defence line in central Russia - start of the battle got postponed till winter weather set in so Axis couldn´t use their superior airforces and had to rely only on their comparably weak ground troops:






Last 2 screenshots show a different game - final stage of an open field battle between Moskov and Kharkov...russian units ready to sacrifice themselves for the greater goal: to prevent Axis forces from operating west...


....so Allies can leave the landing beaches unthreatened and unfold their massive invasion in Spain:


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