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If the Germans are willing to forgo an early attack into France might it not be possible to stop the annoying British land grab in Norway?With the Luftwaffe stationed in Jutland even a single moderate hit on a British transport makes a successful Norweigian invasion highly problematical. Is a combined aerial attack and parachute invasion then possible in the spring? After all, even moderate losses keeping the Brits out of Norway seems cheaper than the major effort required to stop an attack into Sweden once they are established in Norway.

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You can take Norway with the Axis the quikest as follows :

Turn 1.

- Put the corps and army near Koningsberg in a Amphiby.

- Operate the one corps with movement 1 to the German-Danish border.

- Move all three planes in range of Copenhagen.

- Move your U-boat in the Atlantic to the UK-Canada supply as far west as you (to draw some navy to it).

Turn 2.

- Move both amphiby boats west.

- DoW Denmark, kill the Copenhagen garrison with your planes and take the city with the Corps.

- Move your U-boat further west but stay on the Canada-UK supply line.

Turn 3.

- Move both amphiby boats near Copenhagen, within reach of Norway coast, defended by navy.

- Optional is to fly the planes into Denmark.

- Move your U-boat into safety.

Turn 4.

- DoW on Norway, land the Corps next to Oslo, land the Army next to Oslo and next to the Corps (the army never takes a landing-penalty because of this), kill the Oslo garrison with the army, move into Oslo with the Corps.

- Retreat the navy behind Denmark.

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It depends on if you play against a good or a bad Allied player tongue.gif and if Allies are expecting you to go for Norway.

Against the AI you can do it in any case - just follow TaoJahs prescription smile.gif . Against a human player who knows what he is doing it is the perfect recipe for disaster since after the Axis first turn he knows that Axis are going for Norway and will prepare accordingly to make sure no survivors will be left to tell the tale of this expedition task force :D .

Only if Allies don´t protect their Norway invasion fleet or don´t know how to fight a naval battle you can do it without much risk, but for this you need to know the enemy players habits from previous wars to be safe... ;) .

But an experienced player will always protect his Norway invasion fleet with his Royal Navy and the french fleet. Here it is a bad idea to try an early Norway invasion as Axis - you will only loose your fleet (and maybe your amphibs too...) in battle against the expendable french fleet.

If Allies don´t expect you to go full scale against Norway and weather is in your favour (= storms for Allies, clear for you) you have a slight chance, nevertheless losses will be enormous, especially if you use air from Denmark too that will be bombarded by the Royal Navy...

In the end the costs of such an expedition to Norway are in no relation to the benefits if the allied player knows what he does and how to command a naval battle.

P.S.: spotting range for airfleets concerning ships/transports/amphibs is halved. So airfleets in Denmark will not spot the enemy transports approaching Norway and not be able to bombard them - the amphibs have to stay at the norwegian coast in any case in order not to loose morale/readiness in a storm and so risking to fail against Oslo - only if the army amphib moves from coast to coast the chance for success is 100% ;) .

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I had Taojah perform this against my UK Force. I sent a half butt force to Norway really cost me.

I would imagine the cost of taking it, though doable would be very "grave," I'd trade lots of Ships to get rid of the Axis Navy right then and there and consider that a more valuable target than Norway Itself!

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Originally posted by Retributar:

AS 'Sir Percy' in the Movie... 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' used to so often reiterate!... "Ohhh!...Sink Me!!!".


Ah me,

Good to see some odd-fashioned Eidolons

Now and then.

Hmmm... seems to erupt forth from Canadians :cool:

More than what's usual - hey maybe?

Due to all that vast and yet

Mostly pristine wilderness

You guys got?

For awhile longer, ennyhow.

Tends to OPEN up the mind, I'd guess?

Notso many brainwashed

Into the terribly circumscribed confines

Of "group-think."

Youda fit in mighty fine, Retributar,

With them other sorts

Of spontaneous-speaking

Rip-around tripping American flakes,

The REAL deal ones

We usta have in road-going abundance

(... though, alas, notso very many

enny more, it's - sacre bleu - a shame,

I say :( )

IE... The Beats.

You and Ginsberg & Burroughs

And Kerouac having lunch

With them other late sprawling


A naked lunch, uh huh,

With rhyme & UN-reason crawling out the end

Of them NON-confined - fork-tines.


What's this got to do with Norway

The nuts & bolts folks

Wish to know, eh?

Nuthin' much... other than,


That EVERY single thing

That has EVER occured

In the immensely BRIEF time

Of this our infinite Universe

Is... connected.


Richard apparently Groks

An off-beat, jittering smatter of this

And, that, too! smile.gif

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