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Battleship vs Subs

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I have played every Strategic Command that has come out, and am now waiting for my SC2 to arrive, and will of course buy the new expansion.

I just have one issue for the those that designed the naval battles portion. Battleships should not be able to attack Subs.

When the sub gets attacked (In my eyes it should be by Cruisers, Destroyers(New) and by other Subs.

A sub should be able to "Evade" Battleships and Carriers. Unless you mod the game with an Escort Carrier with ASW planes a normal Carrier would not realisticaly have the capability of searching for subs.

I played the Demo and was disapointed that every bloody BB searched out and destroyed my subs.

I hope in the new versions that this can be corrected, it just seems very unrealistic.

I consider BB as one ship, not a division of ships, as well as cruisers, as they are capital ships. Destroyers on the other hand are not capital ships so I could realisticaly assume that seeing the Destroyer icon, would in acutaly be a divison of Destroyers.

Anyone else think the same, or is that too nit picky.


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