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Video problems

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I am running a RIVA TNT card with 16MB of memory and CM is exhibiting some strange behavior.

The mouse pointer flickers at a high rate and if I move the pointer it "picks up" a rectangle and displays a section of the last image on the screen.

Is there a way to correct this? I have turned off hardware acceleration without success.



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I had similar problems. I turned off the Theme I was running in Windows, and the problems went away. Are you using any theme or special cursors? If so, turn them off and go back to the Windows default.

Hope that helps, if not...post again and we'll see what else we can do.

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I too have this small rectangle that appears showing thru to desktop right after Start screen comes up and when I first move my cursor. Then it does it at various places when I go thru Setup Screens - ie - Orders etc. for Battle/operation. BUT, thank God, once you start playing it does not do it - only PRE-Game time.

I am not running anything special that I know - I turned everything off like that a couple years ago.

Any help or fix appreciated...



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JohnB - What drivers are you using for your TNT card ? Are they the manufacturer's drivers or nVidia Reference drivers ? Are you using a mouse driver other than the default drivers that are built into Win9x ?

cyberized - What video card are you running ? This, like the previous post, sounds like an issue between the mouse driver and the video driver. Hopefully an updated driver from either manufacturer might fix this problem, though it isn't a huge deal in this case.

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Northside - your problem seems to be common to a number of GeForce owners and the latest Detonators (6.18). I believe Madmatt is using this version of the driver on his Hercules Prophet II GTS 64Mb, but I don't know if he has had this problem or not.

Do you have Themes turned off/disabled and are you using the "default" Windows cursors ? Are you using a generic mouse driver from Windows or are you using software from Logitech, Microsoft, etc. ? If you are using the manufacturer's drivers you may want to experiment with the Windows generic drivers.

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