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TaoJah, question for you on gameplay

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-note- I cant remember exactly but were you the one 'testing'(as in showing after the fact) the single player aspect with the patches showing how easy it was to beat the A.I.

I'm wondering how you feel the new patch has helped the single player gameplay.

Is it still really easy to beat (the A.I.)

To be honest I really havnt played the game much after beating it a few times (without trying hard) and seeing posts by different people about how easy the single player game is and how lousey the A.I. does with amph. assults etc ...

So what's your thoughts now after the recent patch ...

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I just downloaded the patch and was gonne start my first game.

I'll play as Axis, all difficulty setting maxed, hard build limits.

My plan is to do the same as before : on the first turn, divide my force in three : Big Force , Small Force and, euh... Single Force (this is just one corps, but it makes it sound important, hehe).

The Big Force transports to the Benelux in the first turn and then takes...

- Benelux.

- France.

- Sealion.

- Spain.

- Portugal.

- Moscow.

The Tiny Force takes...

- Denmark.

- Iceland.

- Ireland.

The Small Force takes...

- Poland.

- Norway.

- Sweden.

- Egypt.

- Stalingrad ==> Mayor victory !

From the beginning all my money goes to researching Advanced Infantry and extra German corpses. Whan I get Advanced Infantry 3, I divide over Advanced airforce, Production and Industry (I think these are it, the one that lower the costs of units and the one that gives more MPP, I always got to check the manual, lol).

I garrison the UK and defend the border with Russia with all the German corpses.

With the Italian I buy an engineer ASAP and fortify a line that goes straight north from Warshaw, to help defend against Russia, because they'll attack before my forces are there to fight Russia.

With the Italians I garrison the Norway ports, France, Spain and Portugal. I don't fight with the Italians AT ALL, they're just used to garrison.

That's the plan, we'll see how it turns out...

In a more advanced war path, I also go to Turkey, Greece, Syria, Irak, Algiers, Tunis, Swiss, Iran, but I won't do that the first time : I want to attack Russia ASAP after UK surrendered so I get my mayor victory.

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And how did all these extra German "corpses" do in action against the Soviets?

Note: one of the maddeningly illogical aspects of English grammar is words that are both singular and plural -- one corps, many corps.

Corpses are dead bodies. And, indeed, there were plenty of those on both sides.

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hmmm I was a bit confused by your statments ...

but Taojah was refering to a group of men ie corps ... and true they might leave alot of dead bodies or corpses in their path smile.gif

ya the english language is tricky; even for me and its my native tongue

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I started my first game and so far nothing important has changed with the AI.

The only change that I see is that the range amphibious transports is one less then before. This has absolutely no effect on Sealion (I still took London in juni 1940 on the first turn of a Sealion). You just can't take Denmark in turn 2 anymore (but in turn 3) and the trip from Denmark to Iceland takes alot longer, but that's about all the changes I saw so far.

- He still does a terrible job at defending Poland (I got a hilarious screenshot of his troops after his first turn, it's sad to see how he doesn't move one single Polish unit towards the defend of his capital.

- He stills "defends" Paris with his HQ...

- He still considers his air force as front troops (I could only check this so far in the UK, but I guess it will be the same in Russia).

- He still attacks the submarines and cruisers instead of the amphibious ships when I do a Sealion.

- He still looses his BEF in France instead of using it to defend London.

So, no real chances in my warpath so far :

The Army Force transports to the Benelux in the first turn and then takes...

- Benelux surrendered after turn 2 on 24/9/1939.

- France surrendered after turn 5 on 3/12/1939.

- Sealion and take London in turn 12 on 30/6/1940.

- Take Manchester (busy).

- Spain (todo).

- Portugal (todo).

- Moscow (todo).

The Tiny Force takes...

- Denmark surrendered after turn 3 on 22/10/1939.

- Iceland (busy).

- Ireland (todo, but this will probably be done by another unit, the amphibious transport from Iceland would take too long).

The Mixed Force takes...

- Poland surrendered after turn 3 on 22/10/1939.

- Norway surrendered after turn 11 on 10/6/140

- Sweden surrendered after turn 14 on 28/7/1940.

- Egypt (preparing).

- Stalingrad ==> Mayor victory !

The Air Force...

- helped taking Denmark.

- helped taking France.

- helped taking London.

- is now helping to take Manchester.

- will help taking Egypt.

- will help taking Russia.

So far I lost one unit : a German Airplane that got killed by the Royal Navy after I moved it to a coast field in the UK like some newbie would do <grumbles to himself>.

I am not sure if I will continue playing, so far the AI has the same flaws, so it's not worth the trouble.

Perhaps I'll be in an optimitic mood and convince myself that Russia will be fixed and that there is actually a <gasp> D-Day.


[ August 27, 2006, 12:19 PM: Message edited by: TaoJah ]

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Originally posted by Gorgin:

Note: one of the maddeningly illogical aspects of English grammar is words that are both singular and plural -- one corps, many corps.

Except, of course, that 'corps' is taken from the French language base. The problems arise when a language becomes as amalgamated as modern English has become. A little here, a little there, some ghetto-ese and Spanenglish :rolleyes: and before you know it, you want to learn another language and move away to where you can understand people.

But that's basically the issue with 'corps' and 'corps'. ;)

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Originally posted by Dulak:

Thanks for testing it so far smile.gif

So whats your thoughts on the AI then in general?

Not worth playing?

If you won against the AI so far, then you'll win against this one too. So far I didn't see any changes in the AI. I only played until the summer of 1940 so I can't really comment on Russia or D-Day, but I got a bad feeling about about them : if the AI of France and the UK didn't change...

Originally posted by John DiFool the 2nd:

How did you take France on "24/9/1939"

Sorry, hehe, that was a copy/paste from Poland that I forgot to change it :) I corrected it to the correct turn and date : after turn 6 3/12/1939.
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It was rainy this afternoon, so I finished the game that I mentioned in an earlier post above and I can confirm what I feared then : the AI in Russia is the same as before. I had a mayot victory in 1942 (despite the fact that I played with the house rule that I wouldn't attack Russia from Turkey).

He stills pours endless money repairing the cruiser near Finland while there are two units next to it attacking, operating units back and forth from one city to the other, not defending Stalingrad properly after it becomes the capital, attacking minor units instead of the Germans ones...

I can't comment on a D-Day because the game was over before it could ever happen.

So, I guess it's better to wait for the next AI patch then to play now and loose your appetite for the game.

[ September 02, 2006, 07:37 PM: Message edited by: TaoJah ]

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