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Problems with CMBO, Part 2


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Yesterday, I asked about why CMBO SE has so much lag in the action phase, where the picture freezes, then jumps ahead about 5-30 seconds, making larger scenarios unplayable for me. Several of you replied, asking specifically about the video card from my computer. Here are its specs:

Intel Celeron processor 733 MHz

Intel 810 Chipset, 66 MHz FSB


64 MB SDRAM (1 DIMM available for upgrade up to 256MB)

56K* ITU v.90 PCI internal Fax/Modem

Microsoft® Windows® Millennium

Built-in 48x Max. CD-ROM; 3.5" 1.44 MB FDD

Keyboard; Mouse; Stereo Speakers

Intel 82801 AC '97 Audio

Intel Direct 3D 2x AGP (shared memory)

2 USB ports (1 on front bezel); 1 Serial; 1 Parallel; Midi/Game, Midi/Game; 2 PS/2

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Ahhh roger

The integrated video on your mainboard (shared memory) is the bottleneck imho.

Your RAM is used also for the video purpose, and the integrated video dont have enough "juice" for CMBO.

I recommend you buy a seperate video card.

I guess your mainboard dont have a AGP slot?

A PCI slot video card is the second option, there are a few video cards for it still in the shops, i think somebody can tell you which has the best performance for the $, they are not expensive anyway.

If you install the seperate video card, you need to de-activate your mainboard video in the BIOS, ask a friend who know more about PC's how to do it.



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The Geforce 2 family of cards will work very well with CMBO-SE. If your in the U.S...look for great prices on these cards at "Best Buy" (under 40 dollars)....and if you bring your CPU in when you shop at Best Buy they can install the new card...disable the i810 in about 20 minutes.

Good Luck

Note...you will not need to download any Lo-Res graphics after the new card! :D

While at best Buy 19.95 will buy you another 128 megs of ram also( good improvement to your system).

[ September 04, 2003, 12:49 PM: Message edited by: Panzertruppe ]

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