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Special Thanks to Hubert, from the American Idol Yankee Legend

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Hello Hubert,

Just wanted to take time out and say 'thanks'. You've done a great job on the patches for SC-2. I'm glad I purchased this game. At first I wasn't thrilled, yet quickly that has changed. If I remember right, that was the same feeling and experience I had with SC-1. In SC-1, things really got improved with play balance & of course, the all important TCP/IP patch.

SC-2 has become a great game. Granted, I have a few things I'd still like, but so is life. I thank you for adding the "Timer Feature", that was great. (How about Spectator Mode or Replay option next?).

Rambo rates SC-2 with 4.5 stars out of 5.0...and is a must buy for an strategy gamer.

Rambo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OUT

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@Hellraiser --- Nobody buys my beliefs, I'm free, son. When something is cool I give it the proper credit due (props). When something sux, I give it the smack routine.

Speaking of sux, work on your French defense, kid. Next time, please reinforce your Paris tank. Don't blame the weather, Legend will housecall your capital ahead of schedule if you fail to heed my warnings. Please don't make me laugh & giggle so hard on that 'D'. The atonishment caused me to spit my vanilla blended latte all over the place. Seriously, get real. Don't be ashamed, rather take inventory of your strategies.

And the Prophet shouted the words given unto him,


[ September 21, 2006, 12:00 PM: Message edited by: jon_j_rambo ]

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I'm very glad to hear you guys have been enjoying SC2 smile.gif

Next patch promises some more enhancements including full support of ALT-TAB. Here are the relevant notes for current work in progress:

- fixed a previous ALT-TAB issue that did not allow you to switch out of the game during AI, Network and E-Mail replays without causing a crash

- Note a change for Network (TCP/IP) games is that now turns will progress even if SC2 is minimized. Also, if your opponent completes their turn while SC2 is minimized you will be notified via the chat 'squak' sound effect played 3 times in quick succession, otherwise it is just your opponent sending you a text message

- added an SC2 taskbar icon to the system tray (bottom right hand corner on most systems)

- Note, the SC2 icon will flash whenever there is a playable turn. For example, if you minimize SC2 during an AI or Network game this can be handy to let you know that either the AI has finished its turn or that it is your turn to play during TCP/IP, especially if playing with a timer so that lost time is minimal

- network games now also allow the inactive player to scroll around the map while waiting for the turn to start, v1.04 introduced scrolling for the inactive player but it did not include the period between synchronizations

- added a few new network game indicators such as a message when your opponent has completed their turn and that game data is currently being transferred


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jon_j_rambo, could not have said it better but I might as well try. I spent $45 bucks on this game. I have only completed 3 PBEMS. Have 7 currently going, 1 to 2 or 3 turns a piece per day. 1 to 1.5 hous a day. Have had the pleasure of a little TCP/IP(10 yr old girl, 3 yr old girl, 10 month old boy, hard to get long periods on cpu). Figure 10 to 15 hours of excellent entertainment per week, for along time now, not even mentioning the fact of this excellent forum. Outstanding product support thanks Hubert and team. Many many interesting people and personalities in the SC2 family.

Best money I have spent on any cpu game ever, I would say best money I have spent on entertainment also in a long time.

Thanks for all the fun past, present and future, legend Rambo speaks, I agree and I feel there are a vast majority out there also nodding their heads in agreement.

Konigs out.

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Yes, Initially I was not too happy with Strategic Command 2, the turns were too slow for 56k and a lot of these guys are on dialup, also the gameplay was very actionpacked but there seemed a lot of mere rebuilding losses at a discount and then hopping right back in making or less a dull stalemate wargame... Then I realized after some evolution and some patches that got rid of a few minors bugs that the gameplay became smoother and that there are a lot more options to it. SC2 actually has a lot of SC1 in it, if you look at the overall, just greatly enhanced and although Destroyers, and say another Medium land unit and Medium air unit would've been my preference and a few more features I have hopes that perhaps "A Great Mod," or Hubert himself may fully implement the potential of this game. I do not see the current Fall Weiss as being the end all be all...

Rockets are a unit that could be very easily converted into something useful. Just mod them off as Artillery, AA units, Naval Battery units, who knows, I'm certian you can edit all these features? Engineers into either a cheap Garrison unit or something else? smile.gif

Anyways well worth the money, as much due to the community as anything else. This has the most dedicated following and really the game is lowtech so anyone can play it with a 200 dollar computer and a 10-20 dollar net connection... It's the best WW2 Strategic Tactical Mix Wargame currently available and likely will remain at on the Throne for a couple years!

Kudos HC

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A likewise observance IR. If I get that first hit with the initial starting investment in Rockets as Germans, I usually follow up with additional MPPs.

After level 3 attainment, its time to start purchasing the unit. Parked in cities/resources with AAR and AF cover they can be devastating to attacking forces, operating out when the situation becomes dubious.

Decent on attack, but slow to set up.

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