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Axis: Who is in charge?

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I am still playing my first game, which is the continuation of the tutorial (starting in 1940).

I play the Axis.

Things are not too bad despite a tense but under control situation on the eastern front. I also control Gibraltar. The bigest problem is on sea where I am totally dominated.

Anyway, that's my first game..

My surprise was when (in 41 or something) I read the following news:

"Germany declares War to USA !"

What the heck ?! I never ordered that !

So I question, who is the man in charge here ?

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Some scripts were added a couple of patches ago to spice up the game against the AI. Just wait until Il Duce drags you into Greece with no warning smile.gif .

; US War Entry:

; Historical date of event was 1941/12/11


#NAME= USA Joins The Allies (25% - Allied AI)

#POPUP= Germany Declares War On USA

#FLAG= 1

#TYPE= 0

#AI= 2


;Set US war entry



#DATE= 1941/12/11

;Germany politically aligned with Axis and not surrendered

#VARIABLE_CONDITION= 5 [1] [100] [0]

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Yes that is possible.

When you start your game you can de-select scripts under Advanced -> Scripts -> War Entry.

If you choose "Adjust Settings" before you start, then you can change them during the game also.

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