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1. Download the file to your desktop. Unzip the file.

2. Open up your CMBO folder, inside you will see other folders, click on the Scenarios folder and open it up.

3. Drag the unzipped file from your new map folder and drag it and drop it inot your scenario folder.

4. Load your game and enjoy.

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Originally posted by wayne.hatcher@hok.com:

I have tryed using the scenario editor but can not seem to be able to load a new map. Can make a new map.

a map will usually have a .cmb format. if not, forget about it (then it's a kind of PBEM file or such), cannot be loaded to scenario editor

Next check the CM:BO version with which it was created (e.g. v1.05 will not work with v1.12!!)

save the .cmb to the "scenario" or "save game" folder.

open the scenario editor, click "load", choose the file

you should then read the name of the file in the upper part of the editor screen. you now can edit map and units to your discretion.

IF the scenario editor refuses to load the file, then it's maybe write protected (WinExplorer or such); unprotect it. If the editor still refuses to load the file, then it is either

a) a password protected setup phase file


B) it is "tournament protected" (no edit)

in either case, it cannot be load and edited

hope that helps

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