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Troll Alert - Time to kiss MajorBooBoo Goodbye

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Aside from his snide comments to myself and Steve Jackson on this forum, he has also taken it upon himelf to trash the Combat Opinion site - witness the following insulting poll there.

Posted at Combat Opinion:

Do you think BTS gives proper credit to people on the Battlefront that suggest ideas to fix incorrectly modeled events in the game?

BTS consists of civilians and everyone in the civilian world takes other peoples ideas anyway

BTS gives a half hearted nod to ideas but doesnt mention it much in the board or in interviews

Who cares about ideas or modeling or abstractions and stuff? I like MODS!! Somebody MOD something for christs sake!!

I just like reading the Peng stuff. Whats this poll about again?

Steve claims to be a historian (God knows he aint a scientist or engineer!) and history teaches us that time can make any idea appear like your own.

I did a search but still can't form an opinion.

I think Madmatt looks funny

URL for the Poll

In the comments, is the following - which he was foolish enough to sign: "MadMattias (psst) hey, I may be wrong but I believe this is humor. Ya know? funnystuff. So take that broom stuck up way up ya butt out and loosen up, OK? calling stuff trollish in an open forum like this makes you look stupid. Calling stuff trollish is just a kneejerk worn out over-onlined personality trait at this point. its the 21st century man, get with the times! Booboo ....over"

He has a fake email address in his profile here, and has posted inflammatory posts.

I have emailed the Combat Opinion staff and don't think they have gotten through - so before he ruins this board AND what is a pretty useful poll site, I thought I would bring it to their attention via this forum.

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We are already looking into this situation.

If his behavior persists, he will indeed be removed from this Forum. There is a thin line dividing sarcasim from trolling, humor from insulting. In order to poke fun at people one has to first be respected and understood to be joking. This is not the case with MajorBooBoo. Nobody knows who he is, which is not cool since he has obviously been around this BBS for a LOOOOOOONG time (even if lurking).

Hiding behind a fake persona while slinging out the mud does give us reason to be suspicious of the motivations.


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