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COMBAT MISSIONS: Unit Research - Hetzer

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So what do you think about the Hetzer and it's tactical usage in CM?. Again, comments on the pro's & con's of 'buying' this unit would be much appreciated.

btw - Info gathered over the past few days on the Sherman will be posted on the COMBAT MISSIONS site sometime over the weekend.



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The Hetzer is one of my favorite vehicles. It's best used from a protected position do to it's turretless design.

Pros - Decent Gun

Front armor that is all but impenetrable from any reasonable distance.

Cheap price.

Cons - No turret

Low ammo load

pathetic side and rear armor

limited gun traverse (even for a turretless vehicle)

I remember one scenerio where I was playing a QB against the AI. My armor consisted of a Hetzer and 3 Panzer IVs. The AI had about 6 Sherman 75s. I lost to Panzer IV's early due to poor positioning and horroble luck. The Shermans crested a hill in a group coming into los of the Hetzer. The Hetzer got one and then suffered gun damage. It just sat there distracting the shermans and taking hit after hit (all 5 firing at it) allowing the last Panzer IV to circle around and take them one at a time from the rear. That Hetzer ricocheted well over 20 rounds at about 300m.


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It's a great TD. I agree curih, but I would like to add:


Low profile-makes it hard to spot & hit

Good mobility- not great, just good

Great Upper front armor- can't be beat by most allied weapons at any range-placed in a hull down position, & from afar a hetzer can rule.


Slow ROF- can be offset by buying more a more experience hetzer- the cost is nothing compared to the gain.

IMHO you can't find a better deal anywhere. The best bang for buck unit. I love my hetzers, & know how to use'em smile.gif

Don't use it as your main support, but to guard your flanks & command hull down positions on key supportive terrain.


"Far better it is

To dare mighty things...

Then to take rank with

Those poor, timid spirits

Who know neither

Victory nor defeat."

Theodore Roosevelt 1899

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again, read the thread "killing a hetzer"

My respect for this vehicle is pretty high at the moment. In the above thread, I had four M4A3(75)W Shermans and one M8 Greyhound manuevering and fighting against one Hetzer. My assets fired a total of 21 AP rounds from the shermans and another 7 AP rounds from the M8 with nothing more to show than a damaged track hit on the hetzer just before he killed my last sherman. Pretty damn tough if you ask me.

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