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An interesting kill display

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Did you know that if you look at a unit's kills at the start of a movie turn, you can tell what it's killed before it actually happens?

In a gunnery test I just ran at 2000m, I was futzing about with the kill display to see how a particular tank was doing; I was surprised at the start of turn when all of a sudden I saw two tanks registered as kills, with 6 infantry casualties.

Since the turn is already calculated, all the movie shows is the effects of the turn. It doesn't make any sense to update the kill counter in quasi real-time, since most people won't notice it anyway.

But if you just ended a turn in a tense standoff, if you're the type who can't bear to wait, you can click on that unit and view the kill display.

You can't tell for certain if you've lost because you might have been killed, and then no kills are displayed -- but you can tell if you've won.

Anyone else been using this feature?

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