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I've been trying to find a site with scenarios sortable by size. I rarely have time for more than a small one, so I usually set up a quick battle in the evening. But I would love to discover some more of the fast playing gems out there. smile.gif Yep, I am kind of a newbie.

I hope to unleash my own little "quick fight mission pack" someday soon.

I'll keep yaz posted. :D

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Okay, I'll even suggest a few, (of mine, of course :D )

Wiltz - Great for beginners

Aachen - Also for city fighting

Son - Airborne Defense during Mkt Gdn

Villers Bocage - Tiger!

All of these are on the CD

Others include

Ramelle-Saving Private Ryan

Combat - Hills are for Heroes

Maastricht - Tanks Only

Tiger Hunt (Brand New!)

Bruneval - Commando Raid -1942

Keep Nimtz Alive - Fictional

Paderborn-Far From Over

These are what I call "quick play" scenarios. Most can be played in 30 minutes to one hour.

Wild Bill

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Depends on your definition of small. Compared to most of the battles that have been designed, it is smaller in size.

I guess to fit the criterion we would have to define "small," # of units, # of turns, length of play, etc.

Persaonally, my own point of view on "small" is a scenario in which at least one side has less than 30 units and 20 turns or less. Since the German side has less than 30 and the turns are 20, I took the liberty to include it.

But again,Berlichten, it depends on the definition. Certainly it is larger than SPR or Save Nimtz.

Wild Bill

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