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Winter Brit Mods Required

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Hi all, being a Brit, I'm trying to complete my British winter mod collection - sound likes like a fashion show...

To that end, does anybody have any of the following in Winterised versions:

Cromwell (all versions)

Wasp Flamethrower

MMG Carrier

Universal Carrier

White SC

Humber SC

Daimler AC

Ram Kangaroo

40 mm Bofors AA

I know Brit mods aren't as popular as others and I have searched CMHQ and other sites and have found the great work by Mike D, Pawbroon, Tiger, Andrew Fox and Gordon (thanxs to you guys and others) but am missing the above.

Any help would be great.

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Hmm, a guess the little reponse means prob not so I guess it's time to DIY.

I would like to have avoided developing any more skills but I guess it's outwith PSP and await results...wish me luck :)

Anybody got any tips for winterisation ?

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