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Testers Needed for CMBB Scenario "Hube's HQ Attacked"

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Well, as I mentioned in a earlier thread on German OOB's, I've been working on a new CMBB scenario (my second; the first still needs work). Anyone willing to test it out, let me know and I will send it to you. This is a small battle on a small map, 25 turns fixed, and I think can be played against the AI from either side.

I followed Berlichten's OOB for a Panzer division HQ pretty much.

This scenario is based on an actual attack on General Han Hube's 16th Panzer HQ group on July 30, 1942. It is described in Anthony Beevor's terrific book, "Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege: 1942-43." The summer of '42 recalled the first days of Barbarossa, particular in the South, as the Germans once again were surrounding and annihilating large Russian formations.

Beevor writes:

"In this war of movement, the staffs of panzer and motorized divisions seldom bothered to have their headquarters camouflaged. Working in hastily pitched tents through the night on new sets of orders, or checking ammunition and casualty returns, their spirit lamps attracted swarms of insects, not enemy bullets. They caught up on sleep during the day, their heads nodding and rolling around, as the headquarters vehicles moved to the next location...

"...General Hans Hube would take a nap in the middle of the battle in front of his staff, inspiring confidence in his unflappability.'Papa Hube' as he was known to his troops, made an immediate impression with his powerful solid face and black artificial hand, having lost an arm in First World War...

"....At first light on 30 July, a group of T-34s, having approached under cover of darkness, surprised Hube's headquarters in a village. Officers struggled into their clothes as shells exploded among the headquarters and rear-echelon vehicles. Podewils, the war correspondent then attached to the division, stuck his head outside. 'Not an encouraging sight,' he noted in his diary. 'Vehicles of every sort chaotically trying to overtake each other as fast as they could get away!'"

My scenario is designed to be a re-creation of this attack on Hube's headquarters group by the rampaging T-34s.

By the way, Hube, after observing this early morning action, said to Podewils: "You'd better go up to the front line; it's safer there."

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Well, is anyone interested in doing this?? This is very much a byte-sized battle, should take under an hour. Now that I have taken it through some iterations, it is probably best played as Germans against the AI.

I really tried to create the chaotic atmosphere this attack would have caused.

So anybody want to try it, let me know and I will e-mail it to you.

Otherwise I will simply post it to the scenario depot in the next week or so.

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Again, I have one person who will test this, but I would like a few more before I post to the scenario depot.

Let me know.

It's a real shoot-'em up chaotic scenario, even as the AI is on the attack.

And when you play Axis, can you keep the general alive??

By the way, Hube eventually became a corp commander in 6th Army, was summoned by Hitler out of the pocket in '43. At first he refused -- he wanted to stay with his troops. But he was whisked away by an SS guard who came to extract him. Interesting he got Hube out, but not Paulus?

Anyway, Hube went to onto to direct the evacuation of Sicily--he was one of the last men out, did another Corps Command in the Eastern front, and was tapped to take over Army Group South in 1944 when he died in a plane crash en route to assuming command.

Interesting guy. For more details, see:


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Originally posted by OGF Keller:

Again, I have one person who will test this, but I would like a few more before I post to the scenario depot.

Well I'd be delighted to fight with it, and I didn't ask for it the first time I saw your post because my primary email address seems to be having issues, which I thought I could fix in a timely way. Quite silly, but that's what I thought.

If you value input from a "Rabbit running through the woods" per Chinese astrology, or Gemini w Leo rising per Western, please send one to my failsafe:


and if you're willing to *possibly* have an email returned for spamophobic reasons, please CC it to my primary though paranoid address:




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Thanks to General Tacitus, WWB, Bruceov, MrSprk for testing this.

Special thanks to Berlichtingen for the detailed OOB on a Panzer division HQ group. This made unit selection very easy AND realistic.

And thanks to the most recent posters for volunteering -- I think, with some modifications as suggested by testers above, "Hube's HQ Attacked" is ready to go. However, I have two other scenarios in the works, so I will let you know as soon as they are ready.

One of the new ones is VERY ambitious.

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