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Cover Arc? Cover Armor?

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I have two statements and two questions:

1) Hot diggity dog! Nice work!

2) I definitely need a new machine, my G3 simply is not up to the task of running the movies at real time. Oh well, its only money.

3) So... Is there an official explanation of "cover arc"? Perhaps I wasn't paying attention. Is this a command for heightened observation of a specific area? Does the width of the arc decrease to observation sensitivity?

4) Same questions above for "Cover Armor.

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Originally posted by Jack Trap:

Thanks for the pointers. IS there an official explanation in the documentation? I didn't see one.

Page 9:

Cover arc © – by placing to points on the map, the player designates a firing zone for that unit. Unit will only engage enemy units that enter this area.

Cover armor (V) – similar to the above, but unit will only engage armoured targets. This order only available for anti-tank units (AT Guns, AT teams and AFVs)

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Plus, you might want to let somebody get deeper into a killing zone before you unleash fire.

Say you can set up multiple HMGs to cover a field, and behind the field is a forest that the enemy will come through.

If you let your HMGs fire at will, at widest arc, they might start when the enemy's still in the woods (say, nearing the edge). They'll have a decent amount of cover, and they'll be further away.

If the arcs are narrower, and your enemy suitably oblivious ;) , you might be able to catch him in the open where you can better pin him down and massacre him.

The same /might/ hold for AT guns, if you're expecting to see a serious armor convoy (e.g. letting the column come closer so you might nail multiple enemies before they can respond; if you let your AT gun zap the first one 'round the corner, the others might back off before you can kill them).

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