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Its Easter!! I want a bone not an egg!!

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Wishing for a bone from Madmatt might not get the desired results you were looking for and could leave you a little chapped. smile.gif

One thing is certain; before too long there will be constant updates and screens to keep us drooling. Matt is a P.R. genius that wants to share the goodies but not before their time. He is the Ernest Gallows of tidbits.

I imagine a HUGE buildup to the release that should not disappoint any. Regular updates, answered questions and feature examples should be forthcoming soon. What I look forward to the most would be a possible battle and AAR much like the Alpha of B.O. pre-beta days between Fionn and Moon.

I do hope Fionn is in on the project and all parties are willing for another public battle for us to drool over.

It's what sold me and countless others. So my point to all this rambling is this I guess; Battlefront and Madmatt have yet to let me down and I don't expect it to be any different this time around either.

von shrad

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