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Apologies for the delay. I had to get some webwork done for an English client over the weekend.

Received in good condition and posted. I also uploaded the screenshots. Thanks.


Also uploaded 3 new scenarios this morning.

Mr. Dorosh,

Apparently there is a minor bug I need to look into with regards to the length of the submission for the Author's Comments field. The field is identified as a blob, but seems to only take 12 bytes. At any rate I posted your fine scenario, "GD440502 Romanian Defence".

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Originally posted by Panzer Leader:

By the way, which email to use for you?

The following addresses work, but I use the former for CM-related messaging and the latter for work-related messaging.



Actually, since the dragonlair.net domain is mine, anything preceding the .dragonlair.net should get to me.


Received your last message:

1) I think this issue may be related to the Author Comments field issue. I'll be having a look at it this weekend as well.

2) Link corrected.

[ November 25, 2002, 11:02 AM: Message edited by: Admiral Keth ]

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