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CMBO Unhandled Exception c000005

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Although this is my first post, I have lurked here for many years and own all the CMx1 titles. I recently went to reinstall CMBO on my current system and can not run the game. I can not get past the initial resolution setting before I get the infamous "beep" and "Unhandled Exception c000005" warning.

Based on forum searches and the troubleshooting guide, I have performed the following:

- reinstalled DirectX 9.c

- uninstalled and reinstalled by video card driver

- toggled all settings on my video card

I did find that I can disable DirectX from dxdiag and can run the game in 640x480 resolution. I could also successfully run the game when my video card drivers were uninstalled (using default VGA drivers) in 640x480 resolution.

My specs are:


Chip: AMD 64 3500+

Video card: NVIDIA 7600 GT, 169.21 driver ver

DirectX ver: 9c

I have seen that the 8800 VISTA users are having bad luck with little hope of resolution, but it appears the XP users are faring better. I suspect that an older video driver might work.

Any help that battlefront or others can provide would be very appreciated. I have not tried to install CMBB or CMAK yet (CMBO is my favorite), but I suspect the same issue will occur. Thanks ...

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HI KennyT

I had the same problem. What i did was install CMAK go into CMMODS and pull up all the CMAK MODS. There are about 12 scenario packs on the bottom of the first page. They included many scenarios and operations Most take place in Europe not in the sand. It feels like playing CMBO. It includes Normandy, Market Garden and many more. Try it great fun. Let me know what you think.

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Thanks for the feedback WW2Wargammer. I have not given up on CMBO or CMBB yet, but its good to know that I still might have a chance to play this great game series.

Reading the forum suggests many players are still using the game. There must be some trick to it, even if it means getting some old hardware cheap.

Thanks again for the reply ...

If anyone reading this post knows the trick, I'd be real grateful of the help.

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I had this trouble a couple of years ago and I found that older drivers ran the game better with less trouble.

AFAIK 169.21 are the latest,or thereabouts,available,try going back to 81.95 and see how things go as those drivers came out when your graphics card did and may be optimised for it as 169.21 are for the 8800 series.

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