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Playtesters needed

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I have a scenario designed which needs playtesting.

It is the German naval raid on Granville, France, 8 March 1945 and is semi-historical.

From the general briefing:

By March 1945, the war had moved on from Normandy, on, into the Reich itself. German forces though, were still near by, on the Channel Islands. Blockaded and isolated, they were, as far as the Allies concerned, a self-contained POW camp holding roughly the equivalent of 2 full divisions of infantry and their supporting arms. Hitler had decreed that they were never to be allowed to fall back into British hands and had turned them into a fortress, mounting huge guns, honeycombed by tunnels and defensive works. They were to become, "anchored battleships", posted in the Channel.

However, by March 1945, the situation for the garrison in the islands was grim. Fuel, of all kinds, including coal, food and other staples of life were growing short. If it was grim for the occupiers, it was even grimmer for the occupied. So, the garrison commander, Rear-Admiral Huffmeier (although its more likely to have been his immediate predecesser, Count von Schmettow, Field-Marshal von Runstedt's nephew) hatched an audacious plan. Just across the channel on the coast of France, within sight almost of the islands lay the port of Granville. The Allies had occupied it and it was being used as a minor port, to supply the local troops in the area. On 7 March, 1945 several small coasters were observed in the port of Granville, including the small British freighters Kyle Castle, Nephrite, and Parkwood, and Norwegian merchantman Heien. Most importantly, one, the Eskwood a collier was present. Now was their chance, they could mount a quick raid on the garrison, capture the coal ship and give the Allies a bloody nose.

So, on the night of 8 March, a small force of infantry mounted an equally small fleet composed of minesweepers and R-boats and sailed for Granville to attack the largest Army on the continent. Their initial landing was almost completely unopposed. The outer harbour was quickly secured, along with several small coasters, including the precious collier. The American response was swift though. Although only a small affair, it reminded the world, with the Ardennes counter-attack, how much fighting spirit the German war-machine still held.

Any takers? Post your name and email address and I'll email the scenario to you.

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