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tips on taking out units in trenches?

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Originally posted by Tigrii:

Why the fixation on "taking" the trench? Just pound them at medium range with Mgs, mortars, and infantry, whatever helps. Eventually they will rout adn run away, only to be mowed down. Then you simply STROLL into the empty trench (assuming it's unsupported, if it is, you ASSUALT into it. ;)

Well, I'm playing both games in chronological order and in BB have just arrived at Hill 312 in Leningrad. In the last battle I commanded a battalion or so of Finnish troops in their assault on Viipuri and it turned into a slaughter when we ran into the Soviet trenches and machine guns. -My- machine gunners were fired upon, panicked, then ran so after mass casualties I called the whole thing off. 26 Finnish dead, about 90 wounded, and the Russians only had 1 man wounded. Quite a shock really.

Anyway so I've been reading this thread and have got some idea on a better way to attack a fixed position at Hill 312 so... eh, I'll give it my best shot. Point is in the battle I'm about to do we -have- to take the bloody trenches to get up that Hill.

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