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Terrain Graphics

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Not sure if this is where to ask this but here goes...one thing I've noticed as many others have as well is the graphics quality of the ground in relation to vehicles, houses, trees, etc. What I mean is, there are some awesome graphical representations in this game like for example, a panther or tig however, the vehicle sits on a boring landscape that does not show tire tracks, track tracks, etc. Is this going to be improved on or fixed?

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I believe that Theater of War (TOW) will show tank tracks. I'm not sure about tire tracks though.

For the CMx1 series (CMBO, CMBB & CMAK) you will not see any changes or improvements over what there is in the game currently. These products are considered finished and there isn't any more development going into them (aside from some minor compatibility changes for CMBB to work with Combat Mission Campaigns). Since so much is dependent on what was programmed into the core graphics engine at the time of CMBO, there was little that could be done to improve the terrain quality of the latter releases. Doing so would probably have required too much rewriting of the engine (better elevation fidelity, smaller terrain 'squares', more detailed buildings, etc.).

The CMx1 series was developed to run on the hardware that was fairly common at that point in time. The general simplicity of most of the models and textures allowed for large maps and large numbers of units to be utilized. However such large sized battles will be very hard or next to impossible to play with CMSF and the graphics detail it will support. Most of the graphically nice games out today with their nice lighting effects, detailed models, etc. can't support large numbers of units (usually for game play purposes) without bring almost any system to its knees.

I haven't seen any screen shots of CMSF that suggest that tread/tire tracks will be seen in that game. Since the graphics/game is only at Alpha at this stage, it's possible, but it may not be a priority of any sort (and thus may not make it in). If it doesn't make it into CMSF, then it may for the next major CMx2 game for WWII Normandy (if multi-multi-player doesn't consume a horrendous amount of programming time).

Of course you'll probably want "official" word on this, but unless it is a definite no, it may still not be a definitive yes either. Even the much desired "full game playback" feature has been hinted at being put into CMSF if it is technically possible within the time frame they have for CMSF's development. However there are strong hints at this point that it may be too complex to tackle at this point and may have to wait for further games (or potentially even CMx3).

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