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Mike 8 g's FlakTruck...

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Does anyone know if Mike 8 g's grey & yellow flak truck mod conflicts with the patch as it was created pre-patch? I'd also like to know if it conflicts with Gordon's CMMOS whitewashed German vehicles. I'm downloading it right now but I don't want to apply it until I know whether it will be okay or not. I need to know also if I should download his yellow flak gun mod as well. I tried an August '42 scenario which has the flak truck in it. I am currently using the stock bmps for this vehicle & the truck was yellow but the gun & gun shield were grey


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there should be no problem with the patch regarding the Flak truck mod.

1. The US patch does not affect that range of BMPs nor does it change the 3D models.

2. IIRC, the CDV patch provided new dark grey textures for the SdKfz 7/1, but just in case you don't like CDV's new textures just re-install the mod set.

3. The mod set does not interfere with Gordon's whitewashed vehicle set as winter vehicles are using different BMPs.

4. Yes, the installation of the flak guns set is highly recommended as it installs the proper colored versions of the flak guns. Be careful as you need to install two types of flak guns sets:

- 'flak guns' which cover all flak guns except the yellow 37mm

- the 37mm flak in yellow color, as this is a mod from another author (M. Bergman/G. Molek, used with permission)


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Thanks Marcus. I got both mods just in case. They should have fixed it in the patch though ( must have been aware of the problem ). Yes, I know it's whinging but this is friggin' annoying. You spend more time downloading things then actually playing the bloody thing.

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