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The mountain troops mod is possible. Go to http://WWW.COMBATMISSIONS.CO.UK/bmplist.htm for a list of the BMP numbers.

I suppose you could try pasting the MP44 into all the German weapons BMPs, but that would mean that all of their weapons in every squad would be MP44s. Don't know if you want that. Experiment and see how it works out.

Or did you mean that you want all the men in the squad to have MP44s? If so, that's impossible. Fallschirmjaeger have about the most IIRC.


Well my skiff's a twenty dollar boat, And I hope to God she stays afloat.

But if somehow my skiff goes down, I'll freeze to death before I drown.

And pray my body will be found, Alaska salmon fishing, boys, Alaska salmon fishing.

-Commercial fishing in Kodiak, Alaska

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