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I can't add unit markings with CMMOS! Why??


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Yesterday I installed the new SUPERB CMMOS 4 & some supported rulesets & mods. Everything works fine, except the unit marking options for the Pz VIE early.

Ex: When I choose "Pz VIE (early) S.Pz.Abt.502 w. dirty flag" the tank will show up with new base textures, with dirty flag, but without the added unit markings. Seems that my CMMOS (or CMBB) doesn't handle the Overlay action rule correctly!?? Can someone give me a hint how I could persuade CMMOS to function as it should. Or tell me wat I'm probably doing wrong :confused: . For me comfortably adding unit icons to vehicles is the main atraction of CMMOS and exactly that refuses to work.... argh :( .


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