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Greetings again...help with Startup please

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Sorry, I missposted that in the normal forum...here's a copy of my post crying for help:

As of yesterday, 1400, I'm now a proud owner of CMBB. Various people at simHQ, and your own Cesspoolers made me do it - blame them, not me.

If I thought that the ILyushin-2 or EAW Croud is freaky, I have been proven wrong...this site definitly wins. Guess I fit right in, though.

HOWEVER...before I really can enjoy the unlimited fun of crushing the virtual russian peasants with my mighty Pussycats (or however that big tank is named, you tell me...) I need some technical help.

When I start up the game, all I get is a black screen with a mouse pointer. Tabing out to windows and back in then makes the menu visible. This happens also to the menus after the 3d-sequence. Now, I can still play that way, but it's annoying as hell.

I'm running this on an AMD 2000+ 512 RAM, Geforce 4 Ti 4400 with the 30.82 Drivers, under Windows 2K. If this is a known problem, please let me know about a fix. I did a search here on this board, but didn't find anything.

This is the unpatched european game version. I haven't yet been cruel enough to torture my cable modem with the 70 MB download, however in the patch readme my problem isn't mentioned anyway. I'm not sure if it would help anything.

Have a nice day, and tell Harv, Harpoon, Para_Bellum and the sorry rest of the Cesspool to report back at the simHQ some day. It's getting way to friendly there.

Any ideas?



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I have also the Geforce 4 Ti 4400 ( with 30.82 drivers )

Indeed, with FSAA 4x you will have no problems at all, but with FSAA 2x i have also the black screen problem.

FSAA 4x gives a better image and your GF 4 can handle it without problems anyway smile.gif

Goodluck and welcome btw

( I am also an EAW and IL-2 veteran, im EAF ( European Air Force ) Moose )

After CM had assimmilated me, i hardly fly nowadays lol, so be awared !

Monty aka Moose

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I'm experiencing the exact same problem:

skips movie at startup and shows black screen until i ALT-TAB and mouse click for a while; scrolling through scenario choices is buggy, also requiring a mouse click to 'highlight' a scenario or to advance a page; finally, after choosing a scenario, i get a blank screen and again have to ALT-TAB and mouse click to see the screen/ advance to the game. Once I hit the game setup screen the game plays great.

I'm using a Toshiba Satellite 1805-S204 with a Celeron processer, 240MB RAM, and Windows XP. I updated the mouse (PS/2 driver from MS v5.1.26) and display drivers (Trident Video Accelerator CB XP v6.4022) from the Toshiba website. I'm using DirectX 8.1.

Any suggestions?

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Major-Major - your problem happens to a number of Cyberblade drivers (laptop & desktop chipsets). Unfortunately there is no known solution. What you are already doing is the only known workaround (for what little of a workaround that it is). A couple of other video chips/drivers suffer this problem too, but most of them are older and discontinued chips/products.

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