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Gainward or PNY ???

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I am planning to upgrade my old Voodoo 3 graphic card. The Gainward GF3 TI-200 128MB Jumbo is one alternative. Will the additional 64MB improve the speed ? or should I buy the PNY GF4 MX-420 64 MB instead? The PNY is half the price of the Gainward.

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The GF4 MX isn't DX8 compliant, so you can't get all those cool pixel and shader effects. The Ti200 does have all that, and is a tiny bit faster than the GF4 MX. I'd say the Gf3 would be better, because it's more future proofed and a tiny bit faster. Also the other 64mb of ram will do a tiny bit better now, but in the future you should see some improvement over the 64mb counterpart.

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