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Yankee Bridge

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i call these 'run and gun' scenarios...

i have uploaded 3 new scenarios to admiral keith's site; actually 3 scenarios on 1 map.

it is 30 turns on a huge map.

the map which these scenarios use is over 2km by 2km, but the forces - the pbem ones in particular - are only the size of reinforced companies.

Yankee Bridge Allies: play as americans against german ai

Yankee Bridge Axis: play as germans against american ai

Yankee Bridge PBEM: play pbem

on that last (pbem) one i'm interested in playtesting someone else in a mirror match; 2 of my 'yankee bridge pbem' (one each way) along with 2 of whatever scenario you're working on.

i'm so enthusiastic about this pbem version that i want to test it out in a mirror match. if you've got a pbem scenario you're enthusiastic about, let's play a quad match. the pbem of this scenario is about 2500 points apiece.

playtesting on the ai versions has shown them to be fun; that is if you like wide-open spaces with moderately sized, vehicle-based forces.


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