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Last try

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OK...back when the full version of the game was released I encountered a problem that did not occur in either the beta or gold demo.

My piece of junk Motorola internal modem would bump me off line when a game is opened (not when CM is launched but when a "game" is opened). The only advice I got that I could use was to "get an external modem". Peng was kind enough to give me one and it did the trick but in the last week it has been crapping out on me and now appears to be dead. At work I had aa extra internal modem (Conexant) and installed it last night. It was doing the same thing as the Motorola. Hiram helped me through a couple of things (such as making sure that all traces of the older modems are gone) and it seemed to work..sorta. The file transfer was slower for TCP/IP than I am used to. This morning I figured that maybe it was just the connection we had or his modem (I was connected at 48k).

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