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Normandy battle "Le Vena"

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To Normandy players,

I played the American Defender against Al.

In "Le Vena" battle Germans AL wiped me out.

Anybody able to keep Germans from crossing

Bridge? And win playing Americans?

Once they got across bridge with troops and

Armore that was it. Like "Custers last stand"

Playing Town in Bocage now as Americans may be another Victory for the Heer Defenders.

;) Have a good one Lane

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I have stopped them :D...but that was version 1.0 you all have 1.02 so...may be you can... but it is ment to be played as attackers if I remember correctly.

I knew what forces I was facing...I made it hehe :D

[ 08-26-2001: Message edited by: Panzerman ]

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