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105mm arty inaccuracy

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I made a scenario and gave the germans a regular 105mm arty spotter. I target with it in LOS. The shells start falling a few turns later, about 150m to the right rear of the target ....so I retarget a couple meters from original target. Next turn it starts falling 150m from the target on the left front of the target. so I retarget again and it falls 100m to the front right of the target. This basic scenario happened both times I played it.

I agree that in CMBO arty was way too accurate but this is just ridiculous. I can understand mistakes in plotting arty strikes but at least make it so that arty is accurate 75% of the time or even 50%. If this is the way arty is going to behave in CMBB then we might as well not have any arty.

81mm arty works pretty well. Its not as accurate as before but it is much more accurate than 105mm. I have not tried higher caliber arty and am somewhat affraid to after seeing 105mm.

Other than that it is a great game. Well done fellas!

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