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River fun (aka. broken PBEM file)

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Have you ever seen a swimming Kübelwagen in CMBO? Okay, there was a Swimmwagen in WWII. But have you seen a German HT swimming? Or Wehrmacht squad walking on water? Or US rifle squad doing similar job? :confused:

Okay, this is what happened: one PBEM file got corrupted somehow. Don't know how.

But if I try to play it (video turn) it gives me the strangest time display, '0:0-32465' or similar. And it counts backwards. And more; this time doesn't stop. I can click on Forward and the time keeps running and so do the troops.

This way the troops get into the river, too. There is also one spinning HT; it's just spinning in one place around and around and around like in an amusement park. :rolleyes:

But if I don't click on Play, I just click on Forward, everything goes just fine. The time is running correctly from 0:00 to 0:60 and troops are performing as they should. But every time I hit the Play, the strange behaviour starts all over again.

And more of it: the behaviour is different every time; I got also a Sherman swimming, troops running in unbelievable speed in cliffs, etc.

The scenario is from Scenario Depot and called Opportunity Knocks. The game against Jyrki is still open, so please: no spoilers! smile.gif And yes, this is the same battle that I reported about the suicidal schreck team (link here).

I took two screenshots and placed them in my www-page. 56k's beware, large pics! Link to my page: http://kuma.s5.com/CMBO/pics.html.

Anybody else seen anything similar?


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Let me guess: You have a Dell computer with a Nivida based graphics card? And you are probably running in anything but windows 98se or Windows XP? ;)

This is a problem that has been discussed on the tech forum before. I used to have it until I installed XP.

Give your PC about one hour after booting up to clear the problem. For some reason, it always disappears after about one hour or so. There is nothing wrong with that PBEM file. Anyone that looks at it (asside someone with your problem) will see a perfectly normal movie turn play out.

Here is a link to the thread that discussed the problem. Hope this helps.

Replay Timer Funkyness

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HEHEHE, that definetely IS river fun.

However, I have observed a CM bug with rivers:

create a narrow creek with steep banks, create a "waterfall" (change terrain altitude of water tiles 1-2 levels per tile). CM:BO will then interprete it as "Slope" instead of "Water" and - "Open Sesame" - infantry can walk over water :eek:

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