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Will Post-CMBB Forum Properly Model Incessant Whinging and Opinonated Stupidity?

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I have a concern, one shared by many, I'm sure, for BTS. When Combat Mission: Barbarrosa to Berlin is finally declared a finished product, and that no more patches or fixes will be issued, will the Forum still properly model the occurence of lackwits and posturing toads showing up to complain about everything from the 'lack of displaying internal organs draped over gun barrels', to the 'failure to correctly depict the presence of demi-gods on the battlefield'?

I, personally, still find the routine occurrence of Grog, Semi-Grog, and Demitasse Grog discussions, even when they involve major changes to the game that will not be instituted, interesting. Sometimes pointless, sometimes scholarly to a preternatural degree, but with something to contribute to the concept of the 'reality' of the game and its mechanics.

And I take actual delight in the many discussions of tactics, debates on 'usefulness' of various units (when they don't degenerate into a discussion of 'what should have been done'), and how to get the most from the game, the AI, and the writings.

But I need BTS to assure me, and others like me, that the Forum will continue to have innumerable posts from idjits who feel the game is horribly flawed because 'it doesn't reflect XYZ occurrence, that they read about in the humour in uniform section of Reader's Digest', or because 'I think there should be more units that reflect my personal perception of how WWII would have been fought in the Warhammer Universe', or 'I met a dude in a bar who was my age and was in to NIN and told me he served with Guderian, and he said how CMBB doesn't take into account the ability of skinheads from various nations to kill opponents with the tactic 'fist o' death'.'

Further, BTS must assure us that there will continue to be a suitable selection of posters concerned with 'how I would have designed this game if I wasn't drunk on the couch and worrying about whether overlapping restraining orders might make it difficult to get my next 40 of malt liquor given that my ex lives above the liquor store which is next to the Day Care Center', the 'I think this game will die if I'm not given the right to corrupt the engine, mod my own disturbed fantasies of slaughter, and finally introduce the Klingon Warbird to the CM community', and finally, posts by the usual 'my childhood experiences with the Red Ryder BB gun (yes, I did put somebody's eye out, and that's not properly displayed by the graphics, either) lead me to believe that BTS doesn't know anything about special ninja weapon properties, which leads me to treat them with scorn'.

Dearly beloved BTS:

If, after CMBB is released, finished, and patched to near-perfection, these pillocks are not still posting: Whither then the Forum?

Can you assure me, The Customer, that I will still sign on to find normally patient forum members finally going over the edge to tell complete bloody fools to shut up and die? Will I still be assured a regular round of new topics from people who can't pour piss out of their own boots when the instructions are printed on the sole?

Ultimately, Dearly Beloved BTS, can you assure me that there will still be a place for the Peng Challenge Thread in the post-release CMBB Forum, or will you folks finally get everything right, down to the last jot and tittle, and rob us of so much of our membership, who are refugees fleeing the stupidity of the Outer Boards?

Mind, whatever you reply, I'm buying the next 10 incarnations of your games. It's just a Cesspool thing to inquire.

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If the Court allow it, may I direct your attention to Exhibit A:


Quote 'o the Year: "Maybe it would be a good idea when the player can 'adjust' things like accuracy before each battle starts...until it 'feels' historic for him."

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