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english person wants to buy game?

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thanks for the help, i have just ordered the sim, the demo keeps crashing and it version 1.0 but i now know you have released a gold version of the demo which is in version 1.2, and looking at the rest of the site a few people are having problems, i also dont have a 3dfx card but a intel 700 p3 with 256 mb sdram and a g400 32mb video card but the sim still crashers.

is the latest copy stable?

or am i doing unpaid bug fixing for you,

i dont mind as long as it get fixed soon, because its a great sim.

just downloaded the new 30 mb demo and it still crashed my machine on the first attempt but i have still bought the full version because it so good.

i hope the the latest patch work most of th bugs out if not then you will release another patch, this game is Fuc*ing good!!!!

i can see alot of time being spent on this sim, the AI is very good and after what other people have told me about the editor i cant wait to make my own Berchtesgaden.

long live the yanks, and the tommies.

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jonathan - where are you crashing at in the game ? Is it during playback, compiling of turns or issueing orders ? Does it crash consistently at one point or randomly through any number of turns ?

Unfortunately if you're having problems with the demo you are more than likely to have problems with the full version.

Here are the latest updates for you Matrox G400 (if you don't have them already):

Unified BIOS (1.6.25 for G400 w/o TV):


Latest & BETA drivers (5.52.015 & 6.01.015 respectively):


Latest WHQL drivers (5.20.013):


I'm not sure what features are available with the G400 PowerDesk drivers, but you may want to experiment with them, especially if there are any overclocking features.

You may also want to tinker with your "AGP Aperture" setting in your BIOS/CMOS setup. The default is typically 64Mb. Some users have reported that reducing this to the lowest possible value has helped with their lockups.

Is your G400 sharing an IRQ with any other devices ? If it is, then CM is possibly pushing your drivers too hard to allow for IRQ sharing. You can check for IRQ sharing by going to: Control Panel > System control panel > Device Manager tab > Double click on the System icon. At this point you should get a tabbed dialog box with the first tab (and radio button selection) listing IRQ Usage. Look through the list and find your video card and check to see if any other device is also using that same IRQ ("IRQ Holder for PCI Steering" is not considered another device in this case).

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I had problems running the demo aswell, it started the music but then screen just went blank.

Even though this happened I ordered the game, and it runs without problems. So there must be differences between the two (except for full game having more scenarios).

I have a PII 233mhz, 96mb and a Voodoo1 with 4mb. On small scenarios it runs smoothly, on larger ones it can get a little slow - since I keep all options on :))

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