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This should hold you over for a little while...Two new CMBB screenshots!

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Guest SnarkerII

Really like the grass. It's the attention to the little details that will make this game great.

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The mixture of doodad (or what ever they are called) technology, plus the skills of Dan is outstanding. I have said it many times, but for me, one of the biggest features of CMBB is going to be the fact that all the graphics will be done to the standard of the "very best" Modders, but all at the same brightness and saturation. All to the same “style”. Once again, stunning work Dan.

The waiting is truly cruel, but life is not perfect!

All the best,


PS. What makes the wait harder is that all of my top three wishes, for features/tweaks in CMBB, have been confirmed as being in by Moon over last two months. I used to think CMBO was as perfect as a game can get, but CMBB is getting out of hand!

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